Korea Transportation Asset Management (KOTAM) is an asset management company managing investments in transportation assets including shipping, aviation and airport, oil and gas midstream, warehouses and port terminals, and containers.

KOTAM has an unparalleled professional supervision and management system. Through our own system, we can minimize the damages on shipping, aircraft, pipeline, and container assets. With well-preserved assets, we can maximize the clients’ profit. We also increase the clients’ profit by strong management for acquisition and disposal of transportation assets and structured education for crews.

Our company works closely with partners and serve as a bridge connecting different industries including manufacturing, logistics, production and finance industries.
With our technical expertise, we are committed to focus on our clients’ interests and offer them guidance and strategies that satisfy their needs.

Phone: +82.2.6328.8800
Email: marketing@KOTAM.com.sg
Website: www.kotam.com