AIP Asset Management

About AIP Asset Management

“AIP Asset Management is a global financial services company with
a market-leading specialty in alternative investment strategies.
AIP provides both institutional and retail clients with access to bespoke investments that bring them the benefits of portfolio diversification and
help them to achieve superior long-term risk-adjusted returns.”

Our viewpoint is global, our knowledge is local,
our approach is successful.

AIP is the first Korean asset management company which entirely focuses on offshore investments.
AIP follows markets around the globe to present our clients a broad range of alternative investment opportunities in multiple asset types and across the risk-spectrum.
Recognizing the strength and importance of human resources, AIP has built a tightly-knit team of professionals with strong expertise in real estate and alternative investment strategies. Our global team members come from diverse geographical, cultural and industry backgrounds.
We combine expertise in local markets and specific asset classes with a deep understanding of the requirements of our international investor base.
The proof that our local approach to global business is successful is our ability to complete transactions.
During 5 years of rapid growth we have been able to execute over $3.3 billion of landmark transactions.

Phone: (+82)2 6137 9720