Our dedication to long-term and sustainable investment has made Hanwha Asset Management Korea’s leader in its field

Hanwha Asset Management has often been called Korea’s silent power in the field of asset management.
This means that we are not swayed by short-term, temporary trends.

Instead, we are famed for holding fast to our management principles and philosophy.
You can trust Hanwha Asset Management to manage your assets with confidence and trust.
Hanwha Asset Management believes in long-term decision-making. At the same time, we are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities.

The goal of Hanwha Asset Management is to be the very best
asset management company in Asia.

We always put our clients first.
We never allow our reasoning to be influenced by short-term trends.
We offer our clients optimal investment products to suit their needs and current market conditions.
We use our thirty years of insight and experience to seek out outstanding new investment opportunities both at home and abroad
Enriching Your Tomorrow

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